David Markun

David is now retired from his work as a Systems Programmer for MS Windows environments. For historical purposes only, the resume of David Markun.

Current info on David can be found on RideWithGps and Facebook.

David has taken up bicycle touring. This map shows his 2018 tour, July 15-Sep 12, 3400 miles, with a week off near Alpena, MI. Lodging: motels, B&Bs, and homestays. Meals: diners, restaurants, grocery stores, friend and family homes, and one rural bar. 2018 cycle tour track Boston to northern Michigan and back
Fully zoomable route map with elevation, photos, and narrative text
can take several minutes to load, but provides full detail. On the zoomable map, click on a black dot on the map to see the photos shot at that location.

For Creative Producer David Markun at Rafiki Creative, see http://rafikicreative.com/.

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